By Fazle Chowdhury

Promises of Betrayals Is the Best Book About Iran History, Politics & Foreign Policy

The best book on Iran to hit the market in years is Fazle Chowdhury’s new Promises of Betrayals: The History That Shaped Iranian Shia Clerics, officially and only published by Archway Publishing.

Iran has remained shrouded in a murky cloud to American onlookers, including even many of those responsible for drafting and directing United States policy. In his book, Chowdhury fills in crucial information gaps by exploring key Iranian history events and milestones that have both directly and indirectly shaped the country’s doctrine and ideology of today.

Chowdhury also offers a direct appeal for how, and why, to work towards a more secure U.S. before it’s too late.

Promises Of Betrayals is Available December 12th on Amazon.

Author Fazle Chowdhury

Fazle Chowdhury is a Fellow at Global Policy Institute in Washington D.C. specializing in the history and finance of the modern Middle East with a special interest in the economy of Iran. His articles have appeared in Arizona Weekly, Daily Telegram, Billings Gazette and numerous other news outlets. He worked for many years as a Management Consultant, working for IBM as well as for United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in Baku, Azerbaijan.

Recent Major Iranian Political Events

Reformist-backed cleric Hassan Rouhani becomes Iran’s President.

U.S. President Donald Trump announces withdrawal from the 2015 international deal on Iran’s nuclear program.

Hassan Rouhani wins re-election as president.

Inside Promises of Betrayals with Author Fazle Chowdhury

“This book and the ideas it generates influences policy choices and strategies to create a more secure plan for the United States. It speaks of Iran’s influence in the Middle East via their authoritarian Shia theocracy—a seat like the Vatican for Catholicism.”

“I wrote this book to show US policy makers that time is running out and engagement even during diplomatic confrontation should be a priority.”

– Fazle Chowdhury


Dec 12, 2018

A Conversation with Author Fazle Chowdhury

The evening will include networking, a book signing, and a conversation with author Fazle Chowdhury. Books will be available (but limited) for purchase at the event. Attendance is free but registration is required.

What You’ll Learn About Iran History & Politics from Promises of Betrayals

  • Explore Iran’s history and the key events of its recent past.
  • Gain insight into Iran’s influence in the Middle East.
  • Understand Iranian government and politics as an authoritarian Shia theocracy.
  • Learn about Iran’s involvement in sectarian wars in Pakistan, Lebanon, Syria, Yemen, and Iraq.
  • Evaluate Iran’s quest to become a regional and global power via the nuclear bomb.
  • Learn about conflicts within modern Iran and how some of its population accepts more western values.
  • See how Iran’s oil supply plays a crucial role in today’s geopolitical climate.
  • Realize how time is of the essence in the quest for peace between the U.S. and Iran.

Chowdhury’s new book about Iran’s history and politics is the ideal material to provide insight for colleges and universities, policy and international relations think tanks, and employees working for the United States State Department or Department of Defense.

Why Promises of Betrayals Is The Can’t Miss Book About Iran Foreign Policy & History

Promises of Betrayals is an informative missing link in understanding Iranian politics and history. By going in-depth on Iran’s history, an instructive lens is provided for today’s current political climate.

Achieving the goal of increased security at home and abroad is made by possible by first gaining greater understanding of potential adversaries. In order to do so, accurate analysis is required beyond simply a surface level view of what a country’s actions are. Instead, look at why a certain individual or government is making the choices they are, how those positions have been formed and then ingrained, and what other, separate challenges are being faced.

The foreword to the book is provided by Martin Sieff, former chief foreign correspondent of The Washington Times and managing editor of international affairs at United Press International, and a 3-time Pulitzer Prize nominee for his international reporting.
Sieff says, “In this endless and arid desert of contentious accusations, assertions, and abuse, Fazle Chowdhury’s new book eschews the Mobius loop, endlessly repetitious rhetoric of both sides, and adopts another methodology completely.

“Chowdhury does a masterful job of showing how this state of affairs came about and how the chronic ignorance generating these endless failures continues to this day. I can think of no better place for Americans to break this dreary cycle than by turning to this fine book.”

Promises of Betrayals is the can’t miss book on Iran’s politics, history, and foreign policy. Buy it today on Amazon.