We’re excited to announce that Iran history book Promises of Betrayals has been presented with the Literary Titan Book Award.

Along with a select group of other new book releases, Promises of Betrayals won honors this month, December 2018, in the Silver category.

Here’s a piece of the note from the Literary Titan team:

Your book was recently reviewed through our Book Review Service, with that service your book is entered into our Literary Book Award competition. Your book deserves extraordinary praise and we are proud to acknowledge your hard work, dedication, and writing talent. Start telling the world that you’re an award winning author, because we will be!

Visit the Literary Titan website for their full posting and more details about the award.

Iranian history book Promises of Betrayals is out officially on Amazon on December 12th, and author Fazle Chowdhury is excited at the early wave of recognition and honors which have been pouring in. Stay tuned for more updates on the book and its pending release.