Promises of Betrayals has received another positive early review. This review comes from, and offers some high praise for the book, its material, and for author Fazle Chowdhury’s discussion and viewpoints.

Here are a few of the highlights from the review:

Promises of Betrayals is an intensive, well-written history of the Islamic leadership in Iran, aimed to educate Americans on why they should improve their understanding of the Middle East.

Author Fazle Chowdhury thrusts himself into conversation with American policy makers to ensure that they learn what they desperately need to know about Iran.

Each aspect of Promises of Betrayals feels wildly important.

This book paints a full picture of a foreign land, and Chowdhury proves to be a trustworthy man for the job.

Promises of Betrayal by Fazle Chowdhury is a well-written exploration of key events in Iranian history that impact the way it stands today. The book offers an important focus for Americans to pay attention to, and considering the state of America now, it may have come out at the perfect time.

This could prove to be a truly worthwhile read for those with prior knowledge of Iranian culture as well as for those dedicated to improving America’s foreign policies.

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